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Prior every Youth Fashion Summit a series of webinar provides the students with information and prepares them for the intense workshop the days before the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The webinars seek to engage the students from the start, prompting them to reflect and work on solutions that prepare them for the summit and enable them to face the industry in a confident and credible way.

Below you can find content from the prior Youth Fashion Summits containing student testimonies, students demand, webinars, process tools and outcome proposals. You will also find publications and links related to Youth Fashion Summit.


On 25 September 2015, the 193 members of the UN General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will dictate the global development agenda until 2030.

The 2016 Youth Fashion Summit integrated the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the summit’s framework and made those the focal point of the students discussions and final demands to the industry.

It was an ambitious plan to integrate all 17 SDGs in the discussions and solution making at the summit but it showed up as a tremendous opportunity for framing the role of the fashion industry as a global responsible actor within all aspects of society from water scarcity, biodiversity, gender inequality, education, building strong communities and resilience in new business models and much more. All 17 SDGs gave a solid ground for the students to talk from and raised the discussions to an urgent and political level.


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The second Youth Fashion Summit prior to Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 was held gathering 110 students from 22 international design and business schools in a two-day program. The summit contained a facilitated interdisciplinary workshop, where the students engaged in discussion, solution idea development, panel feedback from experts, student presentations and social events.

The focus of the `Youth Fashion Summit´ 2014 was about how to re-balance resources with a focus on sector interference, biodiversity, population growth, circular economy and material flow.

Re-thinking the design process towards a more holistic design approach, where long-term solutions and sustainable design thinking at all stages are at the core. Changing the mind-set among producers, makers and wearers towards equality in order to re-arrange the production set-up. Good stakeholder dialogue, involvement and care to reach-out and re-connect and build good relationships with involvement and with a focus on greening the digital era. Creating shared value through new ways of collaborating and re-organising business and society. Finally it focused on how reliability and how a change of mind-set can be implemented to ensure a mutual relationship of reliability, trust and collaboration.



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The creation behind this e-booklet is twofold. It is partly to document the processes and discussions involved in organising an event like `Youth Fashion Summit´ as well as its outcome. The other important purpose is to collect, condense and communicate all the teaching methods, educational material and knowledge that have been accumulated throughout our journey. We have tried to gather and summarize the most important points necessary for a sustainable development curriculum within the fashion and lifestyle industry. With this in mind, we have developed a Tool Box is available to download.
You are welcome to use the articles and tools for noncommercial educational purposes only and with reference to KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.



The concept “THE VOICE OF THE NEXT GENERATION” was born.

The first YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT prior to The 2012 Copenhagen Fashion Summit was held gathering 100 students from 16 design and business schools in Europe. The overall focus was the consumer’s engagement through Co-creation, with a focus on sustainability themes through 7 C´s.

After a full day workshop the 100 students were ready to present their framework and 7 demands to the participants at The 2012 Copenhagen Fashion Summit, attended by today’s decision makers in the fashion and apparel industry.

Students demands from YFS12

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