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Youth Fashion Summit is about learning, sharing and engaging. Here is an introduction and link to the webinars that were displayed in the run up to the 2016 Youth Fashion Summit. Various lecturers, professors and professionals give their views on which sustainable challenges and solutions are relevant to bring forward for `Youth Fashion Summit´ 2016.


Johan Arnø Kryger, Head of Responsible Innovation, Danish Fashion Institute
Mr. Michael Kunz, Economic Affairs Officer of the Office of the Executive Secretary (UNECE) Tina Hjort & Helene Jeune, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, KEA.

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Introduction to systemic thinking by Tim Meicker, lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, KEA
The webinar introduces systemic thinking as a “discipline for seeing ‘structures’ that underlie complex situations…’(Senge 19990) and gives a definition of the term from a theoretical perspective. It looks at organizations where systems consist of people, structures and processes that work together to make an organization “healthy” or “unhealthy”. Furthermore, the webinar provides examples of how systemic thinking can be translated into practice. It emphasises the importance of understanding the different parts of the supply chain to understand the whole supply chain as a system.

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Frederikke Van del Wedel, ESMOD International University of Art for Fashion
Anne Prahl, Trend & Design Consultant on behalf of VIA University College

This first part of the webinar introduces the methodology of design thinking in a context of sustainability. Methods and visual tools can be used to explore complex processes and systems of fashion. Key words and concepts as design for change, human centered design, design as a process considering impact & resources is discussed.
The second part of the webinar introduces transformative design concepts and methodologies such as design activism, disruptive innovation and human-centred design. It brings various examples of how this is applied in design in the broad sense of the word. It seeks to inspire students to think beyond the traditional role of the fashion designer in order to develop new approaches to contributing to sustainable innovation in the fashion industry.

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Vibeke Riisberg, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Textile Designer & Else Skjold, Assistant Professor, PhD., M.A. in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication, Design School Kolding
Kristine Harper, lecturer Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, KEA
The webinar is focusing on the link between the user experience and the design process. Tools and methods are presented for transforming practices and example of best practices are discussed. The webinar focuses on SDG 12 Sustainable consumption.
The second webinar introduces aesthetics, sustainability, design strategy, emotional durability with the purpose of emphasizing the importance of aesthetic sustainability and to introduce a method to strategically increase the aesthetically sustainable design experience.

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Alex Macintosh, Course Leader – MA Fashion Futures, Business and Research Associate – Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion

The webinar questions if the future is to Fashioning Sustainability or Sustaining Fashion. It looks into how students and businesses can dream with their eyes wide open and how to combine feasibility, viability and desirability within sustainable fashion. Taking a shift from competitive to collaborative business models, shaping and sharing practices to challenge current values and change goals in the value chain. It brings in a reflection of the business of being human. Then it focuses on ‘show me don’t tell me’ introducing to a variety of examples of new business models in action.


Rasmus Simonsen, lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, KEA
The webinar about Material Storytelling covers materiality, narrative, texture, rhetoric and gender. The purpose of the webinar is to convey the understanding that stories and writing are everywhere. This webinar will define writing as any material system of associations that produces meaning. More specifically, the aim is to show the narrative potential and rhetoric of textiles. It raises a central question: What are the different cultural, social, economic, material, sexual strands that contemporary design weaves together?


Tina Hjort & Helene Jeune, lecturers Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, KEA
This final webinar is rounding up the assignment and gives theories and tools to enable the students to work with their Fashion Narratives of the Future and their Demand to be presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The content of this webinar is only relevant if you are interested in the process during the Youth Fashion Summit that include theme and process cards, as well as the assignment given in the first webinar.
Follow the link to get access to assignment, theme and process cards.