Having grown up with greater awareness of environmental issues than any generation, today's youth represent the single best hope for the implementation of sustainable practices in fashion and the wider society.

As humans, we adapt and evolve. Constantly. Furthermore, we are good at it. We can change our behaviour, we learn to speak new languages and we learn to use new technology. However, It becomes slightly more difficult as we age and one could argue that this is why the established fashion industry will never be completely detached from the current unsustainable paradigm of heavy polluting and resource intensive Fashion and Textile industry. This is why the next generation of designers, makers, communicators and business executives play a pivotal role as change agents for a sustainable fashion future.

The main purpose of the Youth Fashion Summit is to form an alliance with a variety of upcoming decision makers who, a few years from now, will be making the decisions that shape the industry. This is what the industry needs to survive - a gentle push from the next generation.

  • A voice in the industry

    The Youth Fashion Summit is initiated to give the next generation a voice and an opportunity to influence the decisions that will be made today and in the future.. As a part of the world's largest and most important conference on sustainability in fashion, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, students are given access to CEOs, top designers, politicians, NGO’s and decision makers.

  • Power of network

    Bringing talented young people from all over the world together shows that the real strength comes from the power of networking. The participants come with different experiences, qualifications and cultural backgrounds and when they leave Copenhagen they have formed and fused a network that will be empowered to change the world of fashion.