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Are you eager for changing the fashion industry? Do you engage in the welfare of our world and want it to last? Then you should be a part of the Youth Fashion Summit starting next spring! Youth Fashion Summit is a two-year programme that starts with a challenge put forward by Global Fashion Agenda, Copenhagen School of Design & Technology KEA and United Nations Global Compact.

Apply for the next Youth Fashion Summit from 21 September 2017!



Youth Fashion Summit (YFS) is a platform that gathers students from around the world to discuss and engage in driving Sustainable Fashion forward. By dreaming the future, sharing curiosity, and critical perspectives, these up-and-coming designers will make an impact and influence the industry.

The mission of the YFS is to give young people in the industry – the next generation of leaders in fashion – a platform, tools and opportunity to influence the decisions that are made today, but whose effects will mostly be felt tomorrow. YFS is a sustainability education and idea generation platform for young people passionate about a sustainable world.

Youth Fashion Summit is part of the Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) and in partnering with Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). YFS gives 100 of the most talented students from across the world the opportunity to influence the decisions made today that impact the world of tomorrow.