youth fashion summit

With a huge resources demand and high environmental impact the fashion industry need to change. +100 students form all over the world will gather in Copenhagen, May 2016, to explore how the next generation of designers and business leaders may meet the challenges of over-consumption that we are only beginning to see today and speak their minds about the industry they would like to inherit and how justainability in fashion can best be acheved.

The next generation


As humans, we adapt and evolve. Constantly. Moreover, we are good at it. We change behavior, we learn to speak new languages and we learn to use new technology. It becomes slightly more difficult, however, as we age. This is why the established fashion industry will never be completely detached from the current unsustainable paradigm of heavy pollting and resource intensive fashion and textiles. But the next generation designers and business executives will be which is why the new voice of fashion is so important. This is the reason the next generation holds the key to a sustainable fashion future.

The main pourpose is to form an alliance with a variety of upcoming decision makers and like-minded individuals, who, a few years from now, will make the decisions that shapes the industry. This si what the industry needs to survive - a gentle push from the next generation.

  • A voice in the industry

    The Youth Fashion Summit was initiated originally to give the next generation a voice and an opportunity ti influence the decisions that will be made today, but whose effect will mostly be felt tomorrow. As a part of the world's largest and most important conferences on sustainability in fashion, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, students are given easy access to CEOs, top designers, politicians and decision makers.

  • Power of network

    Brining talented young people together from all over the world shows that the real strength become the power of networking. The participants come with different exporinces, qualifications and cultural backgrounds and when they leve Copenhagen they have formed and fused a network that will be powerful enough to change the world of fashion.

The Danish Fashion Institute, in partnership with KEA and some of the world-leading schools and universities, will host the third edition of the Youth Fashion Summit in May 2016 and would like many more to join. Would you like to know more about the Youth Fashion Summit or are you interested in participation in the 2016 event, please do not hesitate to contact us.